SiteStop Tools and Account Features
SiteStop is the leading web hosting provider of UK for single and multiple domain hosting. We provide a full range of web hosting from single site hosting for small home users, all the way to a advanced business user. So what ever web hosting needs are required we have a solution for you.
  Account Features
UNLIMITED UK UNIX Web Space - We offer UNLIMITED web space giving you plenty of high quality space to develop your sites
UNLIMITED Multi Homed Premium BGP4 Bandwidth - Our bandwidth is of the highest quality and is supplied by multiple top UK providers like Level 3, Newnet and Linx.
Host UNLIMITED Sites - With this account you can host unlimited web sites, each as a separate site using our unique domain control system.
Host UNLIMITED domains - You can host unlimited domains on this account which allows you to host multiple sites or sites to have more than one domain name for a web site.
  Email Features
Mail Guard Spam & Virus Protection - All accounts can have spam and virus protection which covers unlimited domain names
UNLIMITED POP3 Mailboxes - Mailboxes allow you to send/receive e-mail on your server via your e-mail software and using our web based e-mail.
UNLIMITED Multi Recipient E-mail Redirects - Redirects enable you to have e-mail for one address sent to one or many e-mail addresses on or off the server and are very useful if you have off server e-mail accounts or need one address to send mail to many people
UNLIMITED Autoresponders - Autoresponders are e-mail an address which automatically replies when an e-mail is sent to it with a message of your choice
UNLIMITED Mailing Lists - Mailing list are a way of sending an e-mail out to multiple recipients by just sending a single e-mail to just one address. This can enable you to set up newsletters to keep people informed of what is happening with your web site etc…
Web Based E-mail - Web mail is available for all mailboxes on our system, so wherever you are you can always check your e-mail.
  Standard Account Features - On all account
FTP Access - FTP access is provided to allow easy upload of your site on to your server
SSH Access - SSH access is provided for script development and advanced administration of your account
Web Statistics - Web statistics allow you to monitor the traffic information for all your domains. Using the multiple analysis tools available, you can see how, when, where your sites are being used and where visitors have come from and much more.
128bit Secure Server Space - SSL space is provided with all accounts to allow users to securely capture data from visitors like credit card information or other sensitive data.
Access To Raw Log Files - Raw logs are provided so you can see the raw access information of who has been using your site.
Regular Backups Of Data - All our servers are backed up every night to ensure data is secure and safe, so in the very unlikely event of a problem your data can be quickly restored.
Password Protected Directories (.htaccess) - Password protected directories are a very useful tool if you are creating a web site and wish to have private area. This could be a member's section or a place where you can store things you need to keep private from others.
High speed connection to main Internet backbone - Our connectivity is provided by a number of leading UK providers. We use BGP routing to enable us to use all our connections to get maximum performance. This also gives us 100% uptime as even if one if our lines fails there are at least two others which takeover instantly.
99.99% Up-Time - One of the best SLA offered in the industry
30-Day money back guarantee - If for what ever reason you are not totally happy with your account you can get a no questions asked refund.
  Unique Dynamic Scripts Features
FrontPage 2002 Extensions - Microsoft FrontPage helps you easily create and manage professional-quality websites without programming. Both new users and web development professionals will enjoy the ease in building and maintaining high-quality web sites in very little time.
PHP Version 4.3 - HTML-embedded scripting language which enables you to create dynamically generated pages quickly
CGI-BIN - Common gateway interface is a useful tool that allows you to create some really useful scripts to help make your web site more interactive. This hosting account comes with a full CGI-BIN where you can put any scripts that you want to run.
UNLIMITED MySQL v4.1 Databases - MySQL is one of the most popular open source SQL database and is a very useful tool when designing web sites. It can be used for a number of different purposes like holding information to be used in your web sites, or examples the products on an e-commerce site. Every account comes with unlimited MySQL databases that be configured to your personal specification, so you can have multiple logins and specify user privileges etc.
phpMyAdmin - phpMyAdmin is a very easy to use and powerful MySQL admin program that allows you though a web interface do the following:
- Create, copy, drop and alter tables
- Delete, edit and add fields
- Execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
- Manage keys on fields Load text files into tables
- Create and read dumps of tables
Export data to CSV values It is included free with all our accounts on the control panel to make administering your databases easy and hassle free
SSI (Server Side Includes) - Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages. Automatically insert dates, file information and other HTML documents.
  Free Access to Support System 24/7
With all accounts you get unlimited use of our support systems which include the following features as standard.
- Free 24/7 Email support - Full email support is provided to make sure you get the best from your account!
- Knowledge base - We have a full knowledge base which contains many tutorials on how to use the many features which you get with your account.
Our support staff are very friendly and helpful and can help you whether you need advanced help with scripts or just help getting to grips with your account. We take support very seriously and work hard to make sure that our users are all happy
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