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Look no further for a Web Hosting provider – SiteStop is here!

The What?

Business from every walk of life needs an online presence these days. Whether this is via some social media platform, classified ads or a personal or company website. Operating in today’s “corona” climate more and more business are having to adapt and move to on online platforms where most business is now done.  Many retailers are reporting online sales growth of almost 300 percent over the past year.   Clearly e-commerce is changing the way people shop and businesses should be ready to adapt. One of the first steps businesses can take is to build a website, but that can get expensive in a hurry when it comes to hosting.

The Who?

That’s where SiteStop comes in.  We at SiteStop aim to provide fast web hosting for individual business owners as well as small- and medium-size enterprises. Providing you with the digital tools required to operate a successful online business, whether you’re a web guru or a complete newbie.

The Why?

SiteStop uses a custom control panel, giving you complete control of your hosting environment from an easy-to-use graphical dashboard. Our unique control panel also allows you to host and manage multiple domains from a single place.  You can manage all of your files through an FTP client and install many programs to your website with just a single-click.  SiteStop helps you manage, download, or restore backups; manage, create, or access unlimited email accounts; and manage databases and import SQL files with absolute ease. You can even view usage statistics and error logs to ensure your site is operating at peak efficiency at all times.

For existing users with static sites, migration to SiteStop is easy and we’ll provide a free SSL certificate for your peace of mind, and can provide unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and website coverage!

The Where?

Running a business website?  SiteStop makes it easy. You can get a one-year subscription to SiteStop’s Web Hosting Plan for as little as £2 per month!  If your needs are more extensive, you can get an Unlimited package subscription for £9 per month. Visit us at

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